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Language and Cultural Exchange (SKB)

TU Berlin's language and cultural exchange program (SKB) is a self-managed project run by students from all over the world. Every semester the international team prepares a wide-ranging program to promote intercultural encounters, with learning approaches based on the principle of exchange. In addition to providing language learning and an opportunity to make contacts, our aim is to try to improve the understanding between people from different cultural backgrounds. As such, we encourage the active involvement of both Germans and non-Germans in our programs. Students can develop their language skills and cultural understanding by participating in our learning groups, writing workshops, conversation groups and language partnerships or by visiting the Multi-Kulti-Café. The SKB also provides an opportunity for students to join the team, contributing their diverse cultural experience and knowledge. The necessary skills and knowledge to work independently within SKB are acquired during a one-semester internship. If you wish to find out more, or perhaps are interested in working with us, please contact us during our office hours.

Sprach- und Kulturbörse an der TU Berlin
Hardenbergstraße 36
Room EW 024
10587 Berlin
Tel.: 314-73224
Email: info@skb.tu-berlin.de
Office hours see: http://www.skb.tu-berlin.de/contao/index.php/de/anfahrt-und-oeffnungszeiten.html

Modern Language Center (ZEMS)

The Modern Language Center (ZEMS) - Hardenbergstraße 16-18, 10623 Berlin - offers a wide range of language courses. These include English and German courses tailored to degree programs for international students.

It is necessary to register for all courses offered by the Modern Language Center. This can be done online via www.zems.tu-berlin.de. Information concerning the content of courses and possible changes to times and rooms can similarly be found at: www.zems.tu-berlin.de.


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